The Best Apps for Nurses in 2019

Becoming a nursing today is very different than it once was and with the help of technology nurses are staying far more organized as well as much more comfortable in the workplace. If you are looking for apps that you can download to your smart phone that will improve your career as a nurse, then check out these top apps for 2019 and beyond:

#1 Mobile NCLERX-RN: This application is a review study material for nurses who are interested in learning the basics needed for the NCLEX RN exam. This is an excellent resource for those looking to study for online LPN classes. The application that is available here is perfect for review on your smart phone whether you are re-certifying or just coming out of school as a nurse.

#2 Human Anatomy Atlas: Remembering all of human anatomy can be extremely difficult and if you have a patient with a particular condition that needs review sometimes it can be helpful to have a full anatomy textbook and learning guide on your smartphone. The human anatomy atlas is everything that you would get from a textbook that you can fit in your pocket.

#3 MedPage Today: For staying up-to-date on all the latest industry nursing articles and medical news, you can download the official app of Medpage to handle your reading at any time.

#4 Epocrates: This is one of the number one applications for the medical industry. Not only does it come with a comprehensive drug guide but also a variety of new medical research on medication interactions and the latest on top medical conditions.

#5 Nurse’s Pocket Guide: This pocket guide can help you create quality care plans as well as stay organized with assessment tools, diagnosis tools and more. Sample care plans and other improvements can make your job much more streamlined.

Consider some of these top applications which are all available for both android and iOS today. Remember that keeping these apps up to date can really help you with a wealth of references in your pocket!

Is a Career in Nursing Right for You?

career in nursing

Nursing is a career that rewards you for going above and beyond the call of duty. It allows you the chance to help those in need while simultaneously creating a healthier environment in which to live in. Many individuals may be confused in planning out their career while they research the different aspects of becoming a nurse. The number one reason that a person would opt for a career in nursing would be to help and care for individuals.

What Does a Career in Nursing Look Like?

If you enjoy providing care for those around you, becoming a nurse may be a very logical choice for you. The American Association of Colleges of Nursing has released numerous statements saying that the current job market is in desperate need of Registered Nurses (RN). The Bureau of Labor Statistics and CNA Classes Scoop report that the demand for quality nursing careers is expected to grow in the coming decade, as the baby boomer generation retired and needs medical care. Nursing is among the most prestigious careers one can work in, with regards to salary and job outlook.

What Does a Career in Nursing Pay?

The nursing sector continues to grow exponentially every year and academic institutions are struggling to keep up with the demand for nurses. One interesting statistic is that the career growth jumped over a million jobs from the 2012 to 2013 year alone. In conjunction with this statistic, the hourly wage that a Registered Nurse can put in their pocket is at an all-time high. released an info-graphic that showcased the average hourly rate to be somewhere around $31 in the National scope. This is over $7 higher than the national hourly wage average statistic released by the company YCharts. This translates to an average yearly salary of around $62,000, compared to the $45,000 average salary overall. Another alternative to a career in nursing is becoming a CNA or Certified Nursing Assistant. While the job outlook for CNAs is as good the nursing field, the average salary is lower than the national average. However, a career as a CNA is a great entrance point into the medical field, and an eventual career as an RN or Registered Nurse.

In summary, becoming a nurse in today’s economy is both a wise career choice as well as one that can be relied upon for the future. If you are struggling to find a career path that you not only enjoy, but can also make a decent salary at, why not entertain the thought of becoming a Registered Nurse? This career choice will give you something to look forward to and provide excitement and challenge in which to thrive on. Similarly, it provides a way to interact with patients and help them alleviate their problems in a linear progression. Nursing is a wonderful career for those brave individuals who want to help others, succeed long-term, and also have many opportunities for professional growth and development.

Various Nursing Degrees Available

nursing degree

There are several different options of degrees available to nursing students. When selecting nursing as a career path, students should select the nursing degree program that best suites them and their goals in order to ensure a successful career in the future.

The quickest program is the licensed practical nursing (LPN) or licensed vocational nursing (LVN) program. Typically this program can be completed in approximately a year. This program can typically be completed either online, at nearby hospital or vocational school. This program allows students to learn the basic skill set needed to prepare them for a nursing position. This course is typically ideal for students who have other obligations. Individuals that complete the LPN/LVN program will be eligible to take the state administered nursing exam (NCLEX-PN) for licensure.

The LPN-to-Associates program is ideal for students that want to become an entry-level Registered Nurse. The complexity of this program increases due to the fact of needing to take liberal arts courses. There are some schools that will offer an online hybrid of this program allowing some flexibility to students. However, there is a clinical component to this program that students will need to accommodate for.

Associates of Science in Nursing
This program teaches the technical skills of nursing rather than the theory. This program is typically viewed as a stepping-stone into the BSN Program. This program is popular amongst the students that have already completed the LPN/LVN program and want to transition into a RN career.

This program completes the liberal arts education piece but will not take the traditional 4-year route that the BSN will follow. This program is ideal for students that donít have the time to dedicate for full-time schooling but still have the time to dedicate to a rigorous program.

Bachelors of Science in Nursing
This program is often preferred by most of the leaders in the nursing world. This will offer the most options in the nursing career path in today’s job market. This is for students that have the time to commit and can manage the workload of a full-time student.

About CNA Classes

CNA Classes online

CNA stands for a certified nursing assistant. To become a CNA, you need to be equipped with certain skills and knowledge, because assistants are expected to interact with a lot of patients as well as their superiors. CNA classes equip students with quality nursing skills and knowledge. It also provides a platform for the students to understand what nursing entails and how to follow the proper protocol.

These CNA classes educate students on how to properly conduct exercises and activities, proper body and environmental hygiene as well as making a bed in a proper way. These things might sound basic but are the key skills one should acquire to be a successful nurse. In a CNA class, students also learn about proper nutrition and the procedure you need to follow while giving a proper bath. For any CNA student to work in a health institution, they need to be certified by the state in which they wish to work.

CNA classes provide extensive information about the body anatomy and physiology. In these classes, students learn how to properly handle a patient. The most concentrated illness education provided in a CNA class includes Diabetes, body impairment as well as respiratory dysfunctions. At the end of a student’s CNA classes, he/she should have impeccable knowledge on the major legal issues facing nurses in the state. CNA classes provide knowledge on all medical related legal issues and how to handle them.

Most institutions these days offer CNA classes for students to enroll in. Some colleges, nursing institutions and other organizations have CNA classes offered online. However, most people prefer the normal classes instead of the advanced online CNA classes. This is because in a normal CNA class, students get to experience the full hands-on training which is very vital. Actual practical CNA classes allow the students to practice what they have learned, and perfect their skills.

To enroll in any CNA class program, there are some credentials that all applicants have to meet. However, these students should have the heart to help others. This is because as a nursing assistant you are expected to help all patients, regardless of their condition. The ultimate objective of any CNA class is to train you to be honorable care-givers. At the end of a CNA class program, students who have successfully passed become licensed and are eligible to work in any health institution as well as nursing homes.

How to Become a Nurses Aide

nurses aide

In order to become a nursing assistant, you will need to take courses to earn your certification. There are a few different ways that you can actually do that. You can take certified nurses aide classes online, or you can take them in an actual classroom setting. This is totally your choice. Nursing assistants are a couple of steps below an actual RN. If you want to become a certified nursing assistant, you will need a CNA license. With a CNA license, you will be able to work in a hospital setting, nursing home setting, or even a home health care setting. It depends on the area that you feel more comfortable in.

Most home health care agencies do not require you to have a CNA license, but some do. You will be paid a little bit more if you actually have that CNA license. You can do a little bit of research in order to find the best class for you. One benefit of becoming a CNA is that the course work is very minimal and takes a short amount of time. You will be on your way to become a nurses aide before you know it! The most that these classes extend are 12 weeks. You will be taught a lot of necessary information and undergo training once you find a job in the nursing field. They is always a job market for CNAs, so you can definitely count on finding something relatively quickly once you obtain that certificate.

Once you actually have your CNA license, it will take no time in order for you to move up to the next level if you plan on furthering your nursing career as an LPN or even an RN. Nursing assistants get paid more than your average state’s minimum wage paying jobs, but not as much as RNs. If this is something that you are considering, take a look at the other articles on this site pertaining to nursing school and RN programs. While it does take time, effort, and money to obtain a license as a Registered Nurse, you will definitely have an advantage if you are currently a certified nurses aide.